Operating System Installer

Capsaicin is aimed at creating a palpable operating system installer. This goal will manifest as a mildly scriptable, pluggable installation and configuration engine.

The Capsaicin OS Installer is designed to be a structured, scalable, flexible, innovative display of excellence in the field of operating system installation. It will offer an easy framework and suggested layout to provide varying levels of ease and effectiveness for the convenience of both beginners and advanced users.

Capsaicin OSI will use GTK+ 2.4. The GTK+ toolkit has been ported from Linux to BSD and Windows. A GTK+ based installer can effectively run on Windows and Unix-like operating systems, including ReactOS as well as various Linux and BSD flavors.

Capsaicin OSI will initially install a Linux distribution. The distribution has not yet been chosen; however, one potential idea is to demonstrate Capsaicin using a Linux from Scratch and minimal installation. Capsaicin does not aim to be another package manager or Linux distribution, however; it instead aims to unify the installation of all open source operating systems.

Capsaicin OSI will be designed to allow modules to act as both an operating system installation module and a configuration module. Capsaicin OSI will be reusable in a special mode to provide a configuration interface to the user utilizing the same code from the original installation process.

Capsaicin was originally inspired by the Mandrake installer, DrakX; and the Debian Installer.

For now, discussion about Capsaicin can occur on; look for bluefoxicy. I haven't started up a #capsaicin yet; I will if demand exists for it.